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Camp Campbell Conquers the Capital

March 17, 2017

By Jill Caldwell

America’s capital city of Washington, D.C. is known for hard workers with entrepreneurial spirit. Comprised of small business owners, food aficionados, and culinary trendsetters with a can-do attitude, the Camp Campbell Washington, D.C. chapter is no different. We recently visited our nation’s capital to hear what members had to say about food trends, nutritional preferences and Campbell Soup Company’s new line of Well Yes! soups.

In a private room at DScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.58.56 AMGS Delicatessen, members were joined by the masterminds behind Well Yes! Soups: Sophie Arsenlis, Director of Marketing for Campbell Soup Strategy; Terry Schwartz, Director of Global Design; and Jennifer Prebola, Senior Manager of Research, Development and Strategy.

The team shared the story behind the Well, Yes! brand, and asked each attendee to reminisce about a time when they said “Well, Yes!” to something and how it affected them. Answers ranged from tackling a new challenge at work that led to new opportunities, to saying yes to returning to the Peace Corps for a second time. All members shared unique and inspiring answers that represented the spirit of the Well Yes! brand.

The group also took time to sample three new Well, Yes! soup flavors including Corn Chowder, Tomato Bisque, and Black Bean & Quinoa. Camp Campbell members filled out a scorecard and provided feedback on each flavor’s texture, taste, and ingredients, and provided suggestions for how they might use the soup in their own kitchen. Following the sampling, we reconvened for a delicious meal and discussion.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.03.11 AM“I was inspired by the talented and successful group of young woman entrepreneurs who openly shared their journey, outlook and passion for food. We learned how much the Well Yes! brand of positivity and purposeful food philosophy resonated with each of them, and I enjoyed hearing how the power of yes had such a profound impact in their own lives,” said Prebola. “We received excellent feedback on the soups that they sampled and gained insights on ways to truly connect with millennials by creating food they love and believe in.”

By the end of the night, each person left knowing that more can come from stepping out of your comfort zone both personally and professionally, and how to create a purpose-driven brand. And as far as Campbell’s new line of soups, this group of young thought-leaders gave it a resounding, “Yes!”