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Camp Campbell Executive Mentors Celebrate Thanksgiving

November 6, 2017

By Camp Campbell

It’s been four years since we began gathering around the dinner table with the phenomenal women that make up the Camp Campbell community. We couldn’t be bigger advocates for creating mealtime memories with the important people in your life, so this year, we invited our esteemed Executive Mentors to share the family traditions that make their Thanksgiving celebrations so special.


Typically, I host Thanksgiving at my cottage in the country which is always followed by a walk in the woods. This year I am starting a new tradition: asking my twins girls, who are recently both married, to be responsible for a favorite side, so our expanding family creates a new “traditional” Thanksgiving menu.

-Kim Fortunato, President of Campbell Soup Foundation


As first generation immigrants, we have had to figure out our own version of Thanksgiving over the years of living here, having no real childhood traditions to follow but eager to create them for our own child!  After many years of trial and error, we happily surround our classic turkey with Asian side-dishes – so imagine green chutney, aloo paneer, potstickers, and spring rolls.  And sweet potato casserole which is really a dessert disguised as a side…and totally part of what makes America great.

-Yin Rani, VP of Integrated Marketing, Campbell Soup Company

In my house, Thanksgiving is the official start of the holiday season. Since we’ve been in Philadelphia, that means attending or watching the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the nation and then pulling out the Christmas decorations so the family can start decorating. The best memory is one of my son, when he was able to be the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in the Philly Thanksgiving Day Parade. But, perhaps the most fun tradition for me personally is making the family sit with me to watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles every Thanksgiving night!

-Dave Stangis, Chief Sustainability Officer, Campbell Soup Company

Every Thanksgiving my family has a tradition of allowing the kids in the family to confess to something they’ve done without any consequences. It all started when my older sister admitted to taking my parent’s car out without them knowing, and she confessed over 15 years later. So now, we pass around a talking stick and if anyone has something to confess, they can do it without any fear of punishment.

-Suzanne Ginestro, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Campbell Fresh


Have a unique Thanksgiving meal or custom you want to share? Tag your holiday photos with #CampCampbell this year to share your special traditions with the community!