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Carlos Barroso Talks Products, Plants, and Millennial Food Preferences with Camp Campbell Dallas

July 28, 2016

By Camp Campbell

Camp Campbell executive mentor and Senior Vice President of Global Research and Development and Quality, Carlos Barroso, recently sat down with the Dallas chapter for an engaging breakfast brainstorm.

The discussion was focused on millennial food and beverage preferences as well as white space opportunities in the industry, particularly when it comes to catering to the next generation of consumers. The event kicked off with the challenge question, “What is a food product or brand that caters to your needs and interests as a young, female entrepreneur/consumer and why?” Our members spoke passionately about their favorite products, many of which were created by local entrepreneurs, and set the tone for a dynamic, honest discussion.

Most participants agreed that a brand’s story and the way in which it is told play a critical role in driving an authentic connection with consumers. Several women mentioned how much they appreciate talking to a company’s founder at an in-store sampling event, or reading about a brand’s sourcing practices on the product’s packaging. “It humanizes the brand,” in the words of a Dallas member.

For Carlos, this was one of the key takeaways from the event. Members were shocked to learn that Campbell’s soups do not contain preservatives (rather, they are preserved with heat) and that the can is actually more environmentally friendly than other soup packaging methods like boxes. They were even more surprised that Campbell has yet to tell this story, and suggested to Carlos that sharing this information with consumers could potentially encourage them to visit the center of the store more often when grocery shopping.

Participants were also inspired to open up about their own eating habits. Many of the members in attendance followed a fairly strict, plant-based diet and were willing to pay a premium for healthy, organic, and non-GMO products. They were excited to learn about Campbell’s continued research and product development efforts in this area. For Carlos, hearing from these women firsthand “[reinforced] the need [for Campbell] to continue to find good tasting and affordable plant-based meals, and better ways to further increase the servings of vegetables that we deliver.”


As Campbell continues to challenge the status quo and invest in innovative food startups, member feedback around the company’s sustainable practices and efforts to evolve is more valuable than ever. Look out for future, product-focused events coming soon to your chapter, and thanks to those who were able to join us in Dallas for an inspiring morning!