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New York’s “Chocolate & Conversation” at Tache

March 2, 2015

By Camp Campbell

Last week, New York member Aditi Malhotra, hosted our first Camp Campbell member event “Chocolate & Conversation” at her chocolaterie, Tache Artisan Chocolate.




Fellow New York chapter members, including chefs, entrepreneurs, foodies and bloggers, gathered at Tache to enjoy some festive refreshments and participate in a private chocolate-making class.  As the group warmed up with homemade soup and wine, they shared some of their favorite flavors and combinations when it comes to chocolate.



DSC_0400Aditi kicked off the class by sharing the story behind Tache Artisan Chocolate and the meticulous process that goes into her sourcing fine quality cacao. She took the group down to the chocolate workshop and explained the different types of machinery and what each tool did, including the infamous confectioner machine (just like the one Lucille Ball used in I Love Lucy– one of Aditi’s favorite TV shows).  She walked the group through various spices that can be used and how they affect the taste of the chocolate, for example, how chili powder will bring out the natural flavors of the cacao. Members had an incredible time experimenting with all sorts of shapes, sizes, ingredients and flavors for their own creations.


DSC_0436With Tache having a full service café upstairs, members continued to mingle together at cozy tables with food and wine while their own chocolatey creations were wrapped up. Each guest got to take home their very own handmade chocolates in addition to a special Camp Campbell set of truffles from Tache. It was a wonderful evening and we are so thankful to Aditi for hosting such a memorable event! For anyone in the New York area or planning a visit in the future, we highly recommend you check out Tache and their chocolate classes for a real sweet treat.