How do you select new Camp Campbell members?

We look at several important criteria when determining an applicant’s fit with the program. We are looking for women between the ages of 18 and 34, who are passionate about food and entrepreneurial minded (read: she does not have to own her own business or work at a start-up to be entrepreneurial minded). We are looking for women with social media presence and experience. Finally, given that our in-person events are currently limited to several major cities, applicants are only eligible if they are geographically based near one of these hubs.  If an applicant meets all of these basic requirements, we will evaluate her application to determine whether the program will add sufficient value to her given the individual’s current professional and personal aspirations. This is a selective process and not all qualified applicants will be accepted into the program.

What types of events will Camp Campbell members attend?

We aspire to host 1 or 2 live, in-person events in each of our major chapters throughout the year. Official events are typically hosted by one of our Executive Mentors, but we encourage our members to host their own “unofficial” events as well. The two primary formats for official events include Jeffersonian Dinners (see next FAQ) and interactive ideation sessions, where attendees are encouraged to ideate around new products and the latest food trends. Every event offers attendees a combination of networking, learning, and ideation opportunities. In addition to our live events, all members are invited to tune in for our virtual mentorship sessions via Google Hangout on Air which provide other opportunities to learn from executive mentors and submit your own questions.

What is a Jeffersonian Dinner?

The concept of a Jeffersonian Dinner is based on the dinners Thomas Jefferson used to host at Monticello. He would invite a select group of individuals who he found intriguing and who shared an interest in a particular cause or topic. These dinners typically work best in an intimate setting and require everyone to prepare an answer to a pre-circulated challenge question. The dinner starts by all attendees sharing their response to this challenge question. The most important rule is that everyone participates in a single conversation and minimizes side conversations with their neighbors. This often results in a more meaningful discussion in which attendees have the opportunity to listen and get to know the entire group. The dinner is facilitated accordingly and ends with all attendees sharing a take-away or lesson learned from the evening. If you are invited to attend a Camp Campbell event in the format of a Jeffersonian Dinner, you will receive the challenge question and further instructions prior to the date of the event.

Will CEO Denise Morrison be present at all the events?

While it is Denise’s hope that she will have the opportunity to meet all Camp Campbell members throughout the year, she will not be able to attend all of our Camp Campbell events in person. Her attendance will however be clearly communicated prior to the event and a Campbell representative will be present at all events.

Will all the mentors come from Campbell Soup Company?

All mentors will be executives from across the Campbell business units, including Bolthouse Farms, Pepperidge Farm, and Plum Organics.

Do I have to own my own company to participate in the program?

No, this is not a prerequisite to apply to the program. However, we are looking for entrepreneurial minded women.

What does Camp Campbell membership entail?

  • Ability to learn, share, and engage with the Campbell brand and other Camp Campbell members through our online portal and private LinkedIn group
  • Invitations to live Camp Campbell events in your city and the opportunity to connect with our executive mentors and fellow community members in an intimate setting
  • Invitations to tune in for our virtual mentorship sessions where you will learn from one of our esteemed executive mentors and have the ability to submit your own questions
  • If you choose to opt in, you will receive samples at home throughout the year and be asked to provide feedback on the latest Campbell products

How long does the program last?

As the program is still in its infancy, we have not determined an official end to the program. Currently, we maintain a rolling application, but there is a possibility of moving towards a one-year program in the future with graduates of the program joining our alumni community.

What if I don’t live near one of the current Camp Campbell chapters?

As the Camp Campbell program was officially launched in 2014, we are focusing on a select number of cities to start. However, we hope to expand the program in the future, so please let us know if you are interested in joining the program and we will keep you in mind as we expand.

Will I receive any funding from Campbell if I’m accepted to the Camp Campbell program?

No, Camp Campbell does not offer any financial assets, investment, endorsement, or offer of employment to participants in the program.

Does Campbell retain the intellectual property developed in association with the Camp Campbell program?

You retain the intellectual property rights in the materials that you created (e.g., blog posts that you write regarding an event). However, in exchange for your participation, Campbell will have a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use the materials you create in association with this program throughout the world and across all media.

For all materials that you create in association with this program, Campbell asks that you disclose your participation in this program.

Find Out More Information About Guidelines for Third Parties and Social Media

Guidelines for Third Parties Posting or Tweeting in Association with Campbell Soup Company

These guidelines are intended for third party partners like bloggers, spokespeople, etc. who have been engaged to participate on behalf of the Company in activities such as Twitter parties, blogs, or other social activities.

Cultural Expectations

Avoid content that:

Could be construed as being directed to children;
Promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, weapons or any unsafe or dangerous activities; Promotes any particular message or political agenda;
Is obscene, offensive or violent or derogatory/disparaging of any person, ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group or endorses any form of hate or hate group; Communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or good will to which we wish to associate; and/or violates any law.

Legal Requirements

Always disclose your relationship with Campbell and the promotion, e.g., #sweep, #sponsored, etc.;

Claims about our products must be true and substantiated and may not be misleading in any way;
Claims about health and wellness of any kind should be avoided, even if it truthfully reflects your experience or belief associated with our product, (e.g., you believe eating

Campbell’s® soup helped you lose weight or lower your blood pressure);
Avoid politically charged or hot-button issues, like implying that genetically modified organisms are harmful or opinions of what is “natural”;
Do not misrepresent or disparage another company or product;
Do not use trademarks or logos of others unless you have received permission to use them;
Do not use copyrighted materials of others (including photographs, lyrics and other creative works) unless you have received permission;
Do not reference people or use personally identifiable information like names, images, addresses or anything that identifies a person, especially celebrities, without that person’s permission.